Сигнализация для велосипеда кодовая

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Сигнализация для велосипеда кодовая

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500 Р

Срабатывает от вибрации. Уровень издаваемого звука 105 Дб
Включается одним нажатием на кнопку - выключается путём введения
четырёхзначного кода, например АВСА (код выбираете сами)
Имеет три настраиваемых уровня громкости.
Размеры:10 x 6 x 3.5cm
Питание: батарейка типа Крона 9 вольт (в комплект не входит)

Описание с сайта производителя:
When somebody wants to steal bicycle and make it quiver, Security Bike Alarm will alarm.
Traditional chains, padlocks and U Locks only do half a job and can be pretty easily removed by those who know how, but even the sight of this Bicycle Lock Alarm will have even the most determined of thieves thinking twice.
If your bike is moved the alarm springs into action and gives off an ear-shattering shriek for 15 seconds – and you can bet that you won’t see your bike’s assailant for dust.
No thief will want to hang around when this Bicycle Annunciator goes off.
3 sensitivity levels allow you to determine how much movement is needed to trigger the alarm.
When triggered alarm sounds 5 times, If triggered again within 5 seconds it will sound continuously for 15 seconds.
Waterproof: attach permanently to your bike without worrying about having to remove Keyless Bike Alarm in bad weather.
Sturdy black plastic - no metal parts to rust.
It’s not just mountain and racing bikes that can be protected, use the alarm on anything and everything that you can screw it to.
Attach to your bike, press 'B' to set it and walk away safe in the knowledge that it will remain secure and protected whilst you are away.
110dB sound
Power: 1 PCS 6F-22 9V Battery (not included)
Mount Hole Diameter: ~2.7cm
Dimension: ~9.6(L) x 3.7(W) x 5.9(H)cm
Weight: 95g


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